Übermilk is the innovative milk frother for baristas and restaurateurs who demand high standards of quality and operating efficiency. Create first class latte art milk foam for up to 250 drinks per hour – by simply pressing one button.


The Übermilk improves the workflow of both baristas and restaurateurs by providing them with high quality milk froth and 100% reliability.


It doesn’t matter if you are working under high pressure and the line keeps getting longer and longer. With our Übermilk your baristas can focus on customer interaction and latte art. The hygienic and slow heating cycle always brings the milk to its “sweet spot” – the point where milk reveals its full sweetness and turns into a perfect cream. Not too hot nor cold, not too fluid nor foamy – our milk foam impresses from the first to the last cup.


Developed and manufactured in Germany to achieve the best results and the perfect reliability. Most of our elements are specifically designed for the Übermilk. Our suppliers are subject to our high quality standards.


Our service doesn’t begin when you receive your Übermilk, but instead starts immediately at our manufacturing site. Every Übermilk goes through extensive test runs to ensure that your device works perfectly.

Our promise: The smooth operation of your daily business is our priority. If we can’t solve any issues with your machine by phone, we will ship you a replacement device immediately. Our own production, sales and distribution allow us to serve our clients in a perfect way.


1. Delivery

Personal delivery by your Übermilk representative.
Package Dimensions: Width: 22cm | Height: 60cm | Depth: 60cm | Weight: 27kg

2. Installation

15 minutes setup time.
Machine Dimensions: Width: 18cm | Height: 54cm | Depth: 48,5cm | Weight: 25kg

3. Connections

Connecting the Übermilk with the milk source (Übermilk supports bag-in-box systems) and electric outlet (230V | 3,1KW). USB connection available for service updates.
Max. distance to milk source: 2 meters.

4. Configuration

Adjusting milk foam consistency, temperature and milk quantity for individual products.
Ready for Latte Art!


With the Uberpackage you can benefit from the many advantages of an automatic milk frother in a matter of days. Intuitive operation, no waste and perfect milk foam from the first to the last cup.

  • Übermilk Milk Frother


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